Network of the South Atlantic Board Members

For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering to serve as a board or committee member, please contact the IPRO ESRD Network Program Administrative office at 516-686-9790 or by email at

ESRD Divisional Board (EDB)

Bylaws state 3-year term. The chair term does not apply.
Member Terms Ending by Year: 2021 (%), 2022 (%), 2023 (%)

Stephen Pastan, MDEDB ChairNephrologistGeorgiaIndependent
Alexander Berlin, MBAMemberPatient RepresentativeNorth CarolinaN/A
Teri Browne, Ph.D., MSW, NSW-CGrievance Committee ChairAssociate ProfessorSouth CarolinaIndependent
John Doran, MDMRB ChairNephrologistGeorgiaIndependent
Derek DuBay, MDMemberNephrologistSouth CarolinaIndependent
Sandra Kaiser, RNMemberRegistered NurseSouth CarolinaAmerican Renal Associates
Wendy Kiggins, RDMemberRenal DietitianSouth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Abhijit Kshirsagar, MD, MPH, FASNMemberNephrologist/Medical DirectorNorth CarolinaIndependent
Dorothy Muench, MSWMemberTransplant Social WorkerNorth CarolinaIndependent
Prakash Probhu, MDMemberNephrologistNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Dorytha (Dodie) Robinson, MDMemberDirector of Home ModalitiesNorth CarolinaIndependent
Anna Rutherford, MSWMemberLead Renal Social WorkerNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Keith TaylorMemberPatient/ConsumerNorth CarolinaN/A
Victoria Teodorescu, MD, FASN, FASTMemberVascular SurgeonGeorgiaIndependent
Sonia Wynne, CHN, CCHTMemberHemodialysis InstructorNorth CarolinaIndependent

Medical Review Board (MRB)

Bylaws state 5-year term. The chair term does not apply. No compensation provided for members.
Member Terms Ending by Year: 2021 (%), 2022 (%), 2023 (%), 2024 (%), 2025 (%)

John Doran, MDMRB ChairNephrologistGeorgiaIndependent
Vincent Casingal, MDMemberTransplant SurgeonNorth CarolinaIndependent
Jessica Coleman, MDMemberNephrologistSouth CarolinaIndependent
Dawn Demetris Burton, EdD, MSWMemberSocial WorkerNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Sharon Dickson, RN, MSNMemberRegistered Nurse/Regional Quality ManagerSouth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Mary Goodwin, RN, CCNMemberRegistered NurseNorth CarolinaDaVita
Carol Gray, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, CNN-NPMemberNurse PractitionerGeorgiaIndependent
Joseph M. Kiswii, RN, MPHMemberRegistered NurseNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Jessica Newsome, RNMemberRegistered NurseNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Wendy Kiggins, MS, RD, LDMemberRenal DietitianSouth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Keith Taylor, BAMemberPatient/ConsumerNorth CarolinaN/A
Victoria Teodorescu, MD, MBA, RVT, FACSMemberVascular SurgeonGeorgiaIndependent
Florence Trombly, CCHTMemberDialysis TechnicianNorth CarolinaFresenius Kidney Care
Nauman Shahid, MDMemberNephrologistNorth CarolinaIndependent
Carey Vaughn, RNMemberRegistered Nurse/Facility AdministratorGeorgiaGeorgia
Kathryn Wilcher, CCHTMemberPatient RepresentativeGeorgiaDaVita
Carlos Zayas, MD, FACP, FASN, FASTMemberTransplant Surgeon/Medical DirectorGeorgiaIndependent