Treatment Options

When your kidneys aren’t working well enough to keep you healthy, you will be asked to make decisions about your care including which treatment choice is right for you; hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, or transplant.  All of these choices have benefits and challenges you will need to consider.  Choosing a treatment option for your kidney failure is a personal decision and it is important your choice supports your lifestyle and values. Talk with your kidney doctor(Nephrologist), your dialysis team, or use some of the tools below to help you make a decision that best fits your needs.

Tools & Resources for New Dialysis Patients:
  • ESRD NCC Intro. to Dialysis - Questions to Get You Started: English|Spanish
  • ESRD NCC Intro. to Dialysis - Questions to Help With Your Treatment Choices: English|Spanish
  • My Life my Dialysis Choice Webpage
  • Home Dialysis Central MATCH-D (ask your dialysis team for assistance): Tool
  • ESRD NCC Treatment Options patient resources LINK
  • Home Peritoneal (PD) Myths vs. Reality: Handout
  • You Have Options! Peritoneal Dialysis: Read It!
Understand Your Treatment Options: