Improving Transplant Coordination

The ESRD Network program supports the national focus to improve transplant coordination. Our goal is to improve kidney health by having at least 80 percent of new ESRD patients either receiving dialysis at home or a kidney transplant by the year 2025. Our Networks work with dialysis facilities to enact this change. By collaborating with transplant centers and dialysis facilities, our Networks will establish interventions that will aid in overcoming barriers and improve communication.

About Transplant

Transplant is one of several renal replacement therapy options that offers the opportunity for better clinical outcomes with reduced mortality and morbidity and improvement quality of life.

Five Steps Towards Transplant:
  1. Interest in transplantation
  2. Referral call is made to a transplant center
  3. First visit to a transplant center
  4. Transplant center work-up
  5. On waiting list or evaluate living donor
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Tools & Resources

Transplant Change Package

  • A Change Package to Increase Kidney Transplantation: Guide
  • Kidney Transplant Hub: Link
  • Understanding High-KDPI and Increased Risk Kidneys: Video
  • Trailblazing Towards Transplant - A Transplant Patient Peer Program: Guide
  • Increasing Access to Transplant & Home Dialysis: Concepts

Transplant Toolkit

Webinars, Videos, and LAN Calls

  • Optimizing Telehealth for a Kidney Transplant: Slides|Recording
  • 11 Things You Can Do to Get Ready for a Kidney Transplant during COVID-19: Video
  • Understanding High-KDPI and Increased Risk Kidneys: Video
  • Myths and Realities about Treatment Options: Slides|Recording
  • National Living Donor Assistance Center Webinar: Slides|Recording
  • Considerations for the Utilization of High KDPI Kidneys: Slides|Recording

Patient Education

  • Is a kidney transplant right for me? Transplant Process: Guide
  • ESRD Forum - Is a Kidney Transplant Right for Me? Toolkit
  • ESRD Forum - Is a Kidney Transplant Right for Me? Video
  • Get the Facts: Kidney Transplantation: Handout
  • Partnering Along the Road to Transplant: Handout
  • Turning Negatives into Positives: Why Transplant is a Good Idea for Me!: Handout
  • The Road to Transplant - Tips to Consider: Brochure
  • Wait Less - Shorten Your Wait for a Kidney Transplant: Handout
  • Transplant Medication Resources
  • Your Life, Your Choice - Stories from Kidney Transplant Patients and Donors: Booklet
  • Intro. to Dialysis - Questions to Help With Your Treatment Choices: English|Spanish
  • Intro. to Dialysis - Questions to Get You Started: English|Spanish
Transplant 101
  • Questions and Answers for Transplant Candidates about Kidney Allocation: Guide
  • Multiple Listing and Waiting Time Transfer: FAQ
  • How to Find a Living Donor - Make Your Transplant Happen: Guide
  • Living Donation - Information You Need to Know: Guide
  • I have a living donor who doesn't match, what can I do?: Guide
  • What Every Patient Needs to Know About Transplantation: Guide
  • Kidney Transplant Evaluation and Listing: FAQ