National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

The CMS ESRD QIP NHSN reporting measure only applies to facilities that treat hemodialysis patients in-center. For purposes of the NHSN Dialysis Event reporting measure, twelve months of data must be reported in NHSN. At least one staff member (recommendation is two) at each facility must be trained in and knowledgeable of how to report dialysis events data to NHSN.

NHSN Access

  1. Complete Dialysis Component Training
  2. Complete the 5-Step Enrollment for Outpatient Dialysis Facilities
    • Enroll each dialysis facility to receive a unique NHSN organization identification number
    • Enroll in NHSN as an "AMB-HMO-Hemodialysis Center" facility type
    • Input a correct CMS Certification Number (CCN) into NHSN
  3. Report data following the NHSN Protocol
  4. Complete data quality checks by reviewing the NHSN Dialysis Event Surveillance Data
  5. Run a CMS ESRD QIP Rule Report in NHSN to be sure all data is submitted according to CMS requirements

NHSN Contact Information

If you are attempting to log-in to NHSN and do not have access, please contact either the PHIN Tech or SAMS help desk.

  •  If you are using a digital certificate to access to NHSN, please contact PHIN Tech: 1-800-532-9929,
  • If you are using a SAMS grid card to access NHSN, please contact SAMS: 877-681-2901,
  • You can also contact for more information


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  • NHSN and CMS End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) Rule: Link
  • Dialysis Event Surveillance: Link
Data Mgmt
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