Kidney Transplant Compare

Introducing Kidney Transplant Compare. Learn about kidney transplant and find the transplant center that is right for you!

Do you have questions about specific transplant centers patient selection criteria, support services, and outcomes data? IPROs Kidney Transplant Compare is a mobile app and website that puts the patients, families, and caregivers in the driver seat of the their transplant journey:

    • Allows patients and families to learn about kidney transplant as the preferred treatment option.
    • Connects the user with ESRD Network and national resources to aid in transplant education.
    • Allows the user to search, filter, and save transplant centers they are interested in.
    • Provides transplant center specific information to help with patient transplant center choice; a first of its kind application.
    • Allows the user to compare their saved transplant centers to choose the best center for them!

View these tutorial videos to learn how to navigate the Kidney Transplant Compare application!

Download and share the following Kidney Transplant Compare flyers!

Patient Flyer

Professional Flyer