Patient Facility Representative Alliance Resource Toolkit

Below you will find the IPRO ESRD Network Program developed resources for patients. Please use these in your advocacy work as a PFR to provide educational materials.

Mental Health Awareness Resources

  • Working Through Feelings of Loss and Sadness Handout: English Spanish
  • Important Information for Kidney Patients About Substance Use Disorders Handout: English
  • Depression and Dialysis - My Story: Read It!
  • Support Groups - Creating Community: Read It!
  • Alternative Approaches to Peer Mentoring Handout: Network 1|Network 2|Network 6|Network 9
  • Support Group Tips: Network 1|Network 2|Network 6|Network 9
  • Talking To Your Doctor About Mental Health: Worksheet
  • NAMI You are Not Alone: Infographic
  • NAMI Common Warning Signs of Mental Illness: Infographic
  • NAMI Taking Charge of Your Mental Health: Infographic
    Taking Care of Your Whole Body
    Staying Mentally Healthy
    1. Nine Ways to Improve Mental Health: Article
    2. Mindfulness Exercises: Video
    3. How Mindfulness Helps You Live in the Moment: Article
    4. 1-Minute Mindfulness Exercises: Link
    5. 22 Mindfulness Exercises, Techniques, and Activities: Link
    6. Simple Mindfulness Practices to Help You Through Difficult Times:
    7.  Yoga
    8. Deep Breathing
    9.  Exercise
    10.  Journaling
    11.  Meditation
    12. Keeping in touch with family and friends via phone and video chat

QAPI/Life Planning Resources

  • Guidelines for Patient Representatives Who Attend QAPI Meetings: Handout
  • How to Become Involved in Your Facility's QAPI Meeting: Video Resource
  • Because Your Voice Matters!: Handout
  • Module One: Patient Preference and Emotional Support: Video | Slides
  • Module Two: Coordination of Care and Family and Friends: Video | Slides
  • Module Three: Information and Education and Continuity and Transition: Video | Slides
  • Module Four: Physical Comfort and Access to Care: Video | Slides

Grievance Resources

Peer Mentoring Resources

Patient Facility Representative Alliance Resources

Healthy Living Resources

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Treatment Modality Resources



  1. Interest in Transplantation

2. Referral to Transplant

Kidney Transplant Compare: Flyer|Website

    • This desktop and mobile application allow patients to find kidney transplant education as well as search and compare transplant centers by their location, medical selection criteria, and support services. Information available on this application can allow you as a patient find the transplant center that is best for you.
  1. Transplant Evaluation
  1. Waitlist and Living Donation
  1. Post Transplant