Healthy Living Bingo

Healthy Living Bingo

Did you know that having a healthy lifestyle can help make your dialysis treatments more effective?

There are many benefits to patients taking an active role in their healthcare. Making healthy choices not only helps with weight reduction but also increases energy levels and overall, well-being. However, when the information that could be beneficial is either overly complex or not relevant to a person’s unique needs, individuals are less likely to be proactive to seek and improve their health.

While striving to be healthy and understanding what it takes to be healthy are not the same thing, the root of healthy living is an adequate baseline of usable knowledge – what we refer to as health literacy.  IPRO presents: Healthy Living Bingo!

A fun, interactive game to bring awareness and health literacy to the ESRD population. Schedule a fun and engaging event live and in-person, at home virtually, or combine both together for a hybrid event. Anyone can play! All you need is a Bingo Card, a marker, and to be ready to have some fun.