Kidney Chronicles & PAC Speaks

Below you will find publications for patients: Kidney Chronicles and PAC Speaks. The Kidney Chronicles is a publication for End-Stage Renal Disease patients brought to you by the IPRO ESRD Network Program. Each publication includes helpful tips to empower ESRD patients as consumers. PAC speaks is a patient-written article that features information for patients, their care partners, and/or family members.

Kidney Chronicles

  • Introducing the IPRO ESRD Network Program: Read It!
  • Ten Tips to Help You Become Active in Your Care: Read It!
  • Getting Involved in Your Facility's Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) Meetings: Read It!
  • How to Have a Healthy Vascular Access: English|Spanish
  • What is a Grievance?: English|Spanish

PAC Speaks

  • My Life is in Your Hands - Please Wash Them!: Read It!
  • Depression and Dialysis - My Story: Read It!
  • Support Groups - Creating Community: Read It!
  • You Have Options! Peritoneal Dialysis: Read It!
  • Cleanliness in the Clinic - How Speaking Up Can Prevent Infection: Read It!
Empowering Patients
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