Educational Tools & Resources

Below you will find an exhaustive list of educational resources from the ESRD Network Program available for patients and healthcare providers. These resources are free for you to view, print, and share with your facility, family, and friends.

If you are having trouble finding a specific resource or have a suggestion for a resource, please contact your Network.

Emergency Preparedness



State-Specific COVID-19 Transportation FAQ Sheets:

Quality Improvement Focus Areas

Bloodstream Infection (BSI)

Home Therapies

For Patients:
For Healthcare Providers:


For Patients:
For Healthcare Providers:

Patient and Family Engagement


Patient Experience of Care

Mental Health

Kidney Chronicles

  • Protect Yourself. Get the Vaccinations You Need: Read it!
  • Introducing the IPRO ESRD Network Program: Read it!
  • Ten Tips to Help You Become Active in Your Care: Read It!
  • Getting Involved in Your Facility's Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) Meetings: Read it!
  • How to Have a Healthy Vascular Access: English|Spanish
  • What is a Grievance?: English|Spanish

PAC Speaks

  • My Life is in Your Hands - Please Wash Them!: Read It!
  • Depression and Dialysis - My Story: Read It!
  • Support Groups - Creating Community: Read It!
  • You Have Options! Peritoneal Dialysis: Read It!
  • Cleanliness in the Clinic - How Speaking Up Can Prevent Infection: Read It!


For Patients:
For Healthcare Providers:


Patient Safety



Educational Games


Kidney Choices Application
Kidney Choices Interactive Mobile Application

The Kidney Choices application is an aide to assist patients and caregivers in learning about their risks for chronic kidney disease (CKD). The application provides a review for your blood work and previous diagnoses (high blood pressure and diabetes) to assess your risk for CKD (Medicare recipients only). It also provides education on different dialysis modality choices.