Why Facility Data Reports Should Be Checked

CMS established the ESRD Quality Incentive Program (QIP) as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the quality of dialysis care provided to ESRD patients.

Annual Dialysis Facility Reports (DFRs) and Quarterly Dialysis Facility Compare (QDFC) Reports are made available to facilities, State Survey Agencies, and Regional Offices online at dialysisdata.org. Only authorized users can access the reports.

Facilities can use the DFR and QDFC reports to assist in their quality improvement efforts; state surveyors use the DFR data when deciding which facilities to survey. Facilities are given a chance to preview and comment on these reports. The quality measures from the reports are posted on the Dialysis Facility Compare website, which is used by patients to review and compare characteristics and quality information on approximately 6,500 dialysis facilities in the United States.

Dialysis facility staff are encouraged to review the facility’s data reports on a regular basis. For information on how to access these reports, visit the IPRO ESRD Network Program help portal.