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The Art of Needle Cannulation – A 10-Step Guide

If you’re looking for a primer on needle cannulation, an article in Dialysis & Transplantation, Vol. 24 No. 11, 1995, outlines the basic skills needed by all dialysis staff to successfully cannulate an AV fistula or graft.  The article provides detailed explanations and illustrations for a 10-step guide to cannulation.  Topics covered include determination and direction of flow; assessment, site selection and preparation; and needle selection, placement,  and direction. Various cannulation techniques and guidance on preventing, identifying and resolving cannulation complications are also covered in the article.

The Network recommends annual review of this information along with competency testing to ensure staff competencies are maintained.  Please review your facility’s policy and procedure manuals to determine annual education and competency testing requirements.

Click here to read the full article, “Cannulation Camp: Basic Needle Cannulation Training for Dialysis Staff.”