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Connecting You to the ESRD Network Data Support Team is Just a Click Away!

Data MgmtThe IPRO ESRD Network Customer Support Portal provides centralized technical assistance to support all of your data submission requirements. By registering for the IPRO ESRD Network Support Portal, you will be able to quickly and easily open a support ticket with the Network staff from your computer without making a phone call. The support request will go to the Network data team queue for investigation and response.  You can also track the status of the request or search our Frequently Asked questions in the knowledgebase.
You can register for the portal by going to Please print and share the IPRO ESRD Network Program Customer Support Portal resource with your staff. Encourage staff to try this method as the quickest and easiest way to get their data issues and questions answered.
NOTE: When submitting a request to the Network, you should NEVER include any patient-specific information such as Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Medicare Claim Number, etc. The only patient identifier that can safely be communicated is the Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) from CROWNWeb.
If you have any questions or require assistance, please open a customer support ticket at

Annual Facility Surveys and IPRO ESRD Network Program Customer Support Portal

With Annual Facility Surveys around the corner, the IPRO ESRD Network program is encouraging use of the Freshdesk knowledgebase. Please click on the link to access Freshdesk.

Several articles are posted in Freshdesk to provide an easy-to-use and searchable knowledgebase on the 2744 survey process. The solutions in Freshdesk includes data clean up, instructions on creating the 2744, and how to complete the survey. Freshdesk allows facility staff to submit questions via the portal. Network staff will respond by email or phone. Facilities can also set up a webinar to complete surveys. For information, please send an email to or visit

IPRO ESRD Network Program Customer Support Portal

In an effort to provide more comprehensive support with the hopes of improving overall data quality, the Network began using Freshdesk, a web-based ticket management and knowledgebase application. It has up-to-date articles, links, and visual aids for CROWNWeb, NHSN, the Quality Incentive Program (QIP) and in one place. Information is provided in the easy-to-use and searchable knowledgebase. Freshdesk provides a platform to submit questions via the portal or email. Network staff will respond by email, phone or WebEx. Please send an email to or go to