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CMS Introduces the ESRD QIP Listserv on QualityNet

Effective at the end of April 2018, CMS will distribute program updates and other important communications exclusively via the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) listserv. This listserv will replace current email blasts from the ESRD QIP mailbox.

Signing up is easy! Simply go here to create your ESRD QIP listserv account by selecting the option for the ESRD QIP. CMS will use the online listserv to distribute communications about changes to ESRD QIP policy and process to the ESRD QIP stakeholder community. You will need to create a user account to receive future communications from the listserv.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the ESRD QIP team using the ESRD QIP Q&A Tool.

Updated EIDM Password Policy Requirements

Enterprise Identity Management(EIDM) has implemented a Dictionary word exclusion password  policy. A restriction has been placed on passwords by prohibiting  the use of any password that contains words consisting of three  letters or more that form dictionary words.”

The new password needs to be random letters, numbers, a special character, and capital letter.  An example, of a password that is acceptable is Hbfc#8675.

To learn more about acceptable passwords for EIDM.

Please click on link to read CROWN Memo.