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NKF Spring Clinical Meetings, Boston

The National Kidney Foundation 2019 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM19) present a unique opportunity for renal health care providers to learn new developments related to all aspects of nephrology. An important objective of SCM19 is to present the latest insights into CKD care through a combination of interesting courses, practical workshops, thought-provoking symposia and insightful debates. SCM19 will be held May 8-12, 2019 in Boston MA. In-person registration is allowed, but many registration fees are discounted if you register online before May 6.

Extra-cost pre-conference course topics on May 8 include dialysis success, vascular access, ultrasound, supportive care, and updates on new developments in transplant, critical care, and glomerular disease. Extra-cost lunch workshop topics will include vascular access, electrolytes, hyponatremia, glomerular disease, reproductive health, hypertension, communication, and board review. For those unable to attend in person, live-streamed conference sessions will be available on burnout, obesity, safety, fluid management, opioids, social media, diabetes, community, lifestyle interventions, palliative care, and KDOQI update.

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Fluid Restrictions During the Holidays

Dialysis patients deal with several issues that make compliance with fluid restriction difficult all year round; however, during holiday seasons these issues are often compounded, making it particularly difficult to follow guidelines related to fluid restrictions. In addition, there are other dietary considerations that need to be taken in consideration, like sodium restriction. Registered dietitians can help patients personalize fluid restriction goals and manage thirst; they can also offer patients tips to plan their holiday meals. Educating patients about appropriate serving sizes, seasonings and hidden fluid can also prepare them for their festivities. Talk to your patients to help them enjoy their holiday season while avoiding unwanted hospitalizations or other health complications. For more information, please visit