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Downloading and Printing of PY2019 Performance Score Certificates

Please be advised that when generating a Performance Score Certificate (PSC) report for PY2019, the CROWNWEB system will generate a report that contains all the PSCs that a user is authorized to view, even if only subset or single facility is selected. While this eliminates the burden of generating a report for each facility, it requires users to split the report into individual PSCs after downloading the combined file. NOTE: If a user has access to only one facility, this issue does not affect them.

This functionality will be adjusted for future payment years, but for the current payment year (PY2019) please employ the two below workarounds to print individual facility PSCs:

Option 1: Use PDF Print option or other PDF tools to split out the PSCs for the individual facilities into individual PDF files.

  1. Open the master PDF which contains all the PSCs for all the facilities the user has downloaded
  2. Select File → Print
  3. From the Printer drop down, select a PDF Writer
  4. From the Pages to Print section, click the Pages radio button and enter the page range to be printed for the PSC for the individual facility.
  5. Click Print
  6. When prompted, select the location to save the file from Step 4

Option 2: Submit a help desk ticket to request report bursting for PSCs

  1. User submits a help desk ticket to Product Data Management (PDM) to request a burst report of PSCs for the facilities assigned to their role
  2. This process may take some time since a Change Request (CR) will be required

For additional information or assistance, please contact the QualityNet Help Desk at or (866) 288-8912 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 8p.m. ET.

CROWNWeb New User Training, QIP

CROWNWeb has announced that their next New User Training session will be held on December 11, 2018.  Find details and register at

The December 2018 CROWNWeb Newsletter is also available, at  This issues includes articles on:

  • A Clinical FAQ on Post-Weight Dialysis Assessment date.
  • Scheduled CROWNWeb Clinical Closure Dates; note that your Network may require earlier data entry in some situations.

Announcement of a December 20, 2018 CROWNWeb Town Hall on 2018: A Retrospective Review.  See for details and registration.

Monitor Missing Data in CROWNWeb for your Facility

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has published “Data Management Guidelines” for data submission in CROWNWeb. They have also set up data quality goals for 2017-2018. Please click here to see the goals set by the CMS.

The CROWNWeb facility dashboard provides easy identification of missing data.

Once a user logs in to CROWNWeb, the facility dashboard can be seen by entering facility CCN in the search box.  The facility dashboard provides direct access to a comprehensive list of items requiring submission in CROWNWeb. It is important that facility administrators, medical directors and nurse managers look at the dashboard on monthly basis to ensure data are submitted according to CMS requirements. This is an easy way to monitor data submission.

Getting ready for next year – Is personnel information for your facility up-to-date in CROWNWeb?

CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines require that key facility personnel are added within five business days of staff changes and that facility staff review personnel information at least quarterly (

The Network is starting a new contract year on December 1, 2018. Several new quality improvement activities (QIAs) will be launched at that time. The Network relies on e-mail as an efficient and cost effective way to communicate important information to facility staff. As the source for facility personnel contact information, it is critical that the information in CROWNWeb is current and correct.  Anyone with access to CROWNWeb can update facility personnel information. For more information on how to add, remove and update facility personnel information in CROWNWeb, please see

Data Cleanup for 2744 Facility Survey

The 2744 facility survey form must be submitted to the Network after all the patient information for the year is submitted. This activity starts in the month of January. Please see data cleanups can be performed in preparation for this activity.

The Network sends a number of data cleanup reports to facilities; these include the “System Discharge Report,” “Gap Patient Report,” “Transient Patient Report,” and “First Admission Not New to ESRD Report.” Taking action on these reports when you receive them will help balance the 2744 form.

Facilities can select “Add New 2744” to create the “2018” form in CROWNWeb. This generates several reports that can be used to balance the surveys. For more information on 2744 data cleanup, please see Starting early on data cleanup will help you complete the form in time and will keep patient information accurate!

The CMS Data Quality Goals

In 2016 CMS introduced the CROWNWeb Data Quality Goals to improve the overall timeliness, accuracy and completeness of patient data entered in CROWNWeb by dialysis facilities and transplant centers.

The CMS Data Quality Goals support the overarching CMS goal of “Putting Patients First” and seek to improve data timeliness on tasks performed in CROWNWeb as shown in the table below.

The Network will continue to encourage and support dialysis providers in attaining higher compliance levels. Please ensure that missing data identified in the CROWNWeb facility dashboard are addressed on weekly basis. For more information, please see

The Network also sends missing data reports on monthly basis. Please address any data issues raised by the Network immediately.

Update Admit/Discharge Records in CROWNWeb!

Patients should be admitted / discharged in CROWNWeb within 5 business days of their first treatment and within 5 business days of their last treatment at a Medicare-certified dialysis facility.


See Page 31 of the CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines for details.

To send a help desk ticket to the Network:

Updating Notifications and Accretions in CROWNWeb

Notifications and Accretions must be updated monthly in CROWNWeb. The definitions for these records are:

Notification—a discrepancy in patient data between what CMS and the Social Security Administration (CMS/SSA) database has on record and what exists in CROWNWeb.

Accretion—a record that exists in a CMS/SSA database and believed to be ESRD, but has not been admitted into CROWNWeb as a patient. (An accretion may also occur for existing patients in CROWNWeb whose key identifiers are missing or incorrect.)

All corrections to the data must be made through CROWNWeb. When updating Notifications and Accretions in CROWNWeb:

  • All facilities (including batch submitting organizations) are responsible for correcting and maintaining their own data.
  •  New notifications and accretions should be resolved within 15 days and those that are under investigation are to be resolved within 30 days.
  • The Network is responsible for the oversight of notifications and accretions and will keep facilities informed as these issues arise for correction.
For a complete tutorial, please click here.

Vascular Access: CROWNWeb Definitions and You

The importance of accurately reporting vascular access data in CROWNWeb (CW) is crucial. Facilities are held accountable for maintaining accurate reporting of the access types used for their patients. Incorrect reporting in CW of vascular access can cause errors, and ultimately payment reductions, under the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Incentive Program (QIP) measures.

CROWNWeb has specific definitions for the different vascular access types. According to the Project CROWNWeb Vascular Access Type Definitions document, “the vascular access choices in CROWNWeb refer to the access currently in use for dialysis, not for any other accesses that may be present. Indicating the correct vascular access choice at the start will decrease confusion and allow CROWNWeb to disclose the correct fields for each patient, helping facilities provide the most accurate data.”

For additional information on Vascular Access Reporting in CROWNWeb please visit

Personnel Update – Action Required

As a Medicare-certified dialysis unit, CMS expects your facility to keep Personnel Details in CROWNWeb up-to-date, within five business days of staff changes, and to review Facility Personnel information at least quarterly. CROWNWeb is the Network’s authoritative source for facility contact information. Accurate personnel information is needed to ensure proper communication among facilities, the ESRD Networks, and CMS. Instructions on how to update the information in the CROWNWeb system can be found in the Facility Personnel Update Guide.

Please continue to review personnel information for your facility in CROWNWeb and make any necessary changes.