Updating Notifications and Accretions in CROWNWeb

Notifications and Accretions must be updated monthly in CROWNWeb. The definitions for these records are:

Notification—a discrepancy in patient data between what CMS and the Social Security Administration (CMS/SSA) database has on record and what exists in CROWNWeb.

Accretion—a record that exists in a CMS/SSA database and believed to be ESRD, but has not been admitted into CROWNWeb as a patient. (An accretion may also occur for existing patients in CROWNWeb whose key identifiers are missing or incorrect.)

All corrections to the data must be made through CROWNWeb. When updating Notifications and Accretions in CROWNWeb:

  • All facilities (including batch submitting organizations) are responsible for correcting and maintaining their own data.
  •  New notifications and accretions should be resolved within 15 days and those that are under investigation are to be resolved within 30 days.
  • The Network is responsible for the oversight of notifications and accretions and will keep facilities informed as these issues arise for correction.
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