Helpful New Tracking Tool Added to CROWNWeb

Have you worked in CROWNWeb lately? If not, don’t miss out on the new End-Stage Quality Report and Systems Facility Dashboard. This dashboard will help your facility track the many important forms that are due to CMS, as well as progress with your data entry. It allows you to view the 2728 forms in three categories: New, Due, and Past due forms.  The dashboard also helps facilities track:

  •  2746 Forms
  •  Notification & Accretions
  •  System Discharges
  •  PART
  •  Clinical Depression Screenings
  •  Pain Assessments
  •  Form 2744
  •  Clinical Data

Use the EQRS Facility Dashboard to help ensure that your facility is meeting ESRD QIP requirements  and achieving compliance with CMS data submission guidelines. Check out the new dashboard to see all the new features!