Network Boards and Committees: Call for Nominations

Network staff members rely on the end stage renal disease community for guidance on initiatives and goals.  To ensure adequate representation of community members in Network activities, the Network is seeking individuals to serve on boards and committees.

For more information on the roles, responsibilities, and time commitments involved, or for candidate nomination forms, please contact your local Network.

Network Boards/Committees:

  • The ESRD Divisional Board (DB) and Medical Review Board (MRB) are staffed by renal professionals and patients qualified to evaluate the quality and appropriateness of care delivered to ESRD patients. The DB is responsible for the oversight and management of the Network and serves as an expert panel that analyzes and advises the IPRO Board of Directors on quality improvement activities (QIAs) and policies and procedures for the ESRD Network Program. The MRB advises the DB on QIAs and guides the development, implementation, and evaluation of Network projects.
  • The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) assists in identifying and addressing barriers to obtaining quality healthcare from the perspective of ESRD patients. The PAC supports Network activities by assisting with the development of educational materials for patients and providing feedback on the effectiveness of beneficiary-related activities.
  • The Network Grievance Committee is an advisory panel to the DB, composed of nephrology physicians, nurses, social workers and patient representatives. The committee investigates and resolves patient grievances in accordance with CMS procedures and Network policies.