Understanding the 2018 End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Incentive Program (QIP)

CMS implemented the ESRD QIP in 2012 to help ensure that high quality healthcare is provided to all ESRD patients by incentivizing dialysis facilities through pay-for-performance based on the quality of care they deliver.  There are 16 measurements for the 2018 calendar year (CY), which will reflect in the 2020 payment year (PY). These measures should be reviewed monthly and discussed with the healthcare team at QAPI meetings.  Measures are separated into the following three components:

* Standardized Readmission Ratio
* Kt/V Dialysis Adequacy (comprehensive)
* Standardized Transfusion Ratio
* VAT Measure Topic (fistula, catheter)
* Hypercalcemia
* Standardized Hospitalization Ratio

* NHSN BSI Measure Topic (NHSN BSI clinical, Dialysis Event reporting)

* Serum Phosphorus
* Anemia Management
* Pain Assessment and Follow-Up
* Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up
* NHSN Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination
* Ultrafiltration Rate

Additional information about the ESRD QIP:

Network staff members are available to assist facility staff in overcoming  any barriers in achieving these measures.