Learn New Approaches to Healthcare Improvement Using IHI’s Framework

To support your participation in the Network’s 2018 quality improvement activities (QIAs), we invite you to review the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Model for Improvement, an approach that IHI uses as the framework to guide improvement work. Developed by Associates in Process Improvement, the Model for Improvement is a simple, yet powerful tool for accelerating improvement. It is not meant to replace change models that organizations may already be using, but rather to accelerate improvement.

Learn about the fundamentals of the Model for Improvement and testing changes on a small scale using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet is a useful tool for documenting a test of change. The PDSA cycle is shorthand for testing a change by developing a plan to test the change (Plan), carrying out the test (Do), observing and learning from the consequences (Study), and determining what modifications should be made to the test (Act). Additionally, root cause analysis (RCA) is a process widely used by health professionals to learn how and why errors occurred.

To learn more about the Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit and view all available tools, visit http://www.ihi.org/resources/Pages/Tools/Quality-Improvement-Essentials-Toolkit.aspx