Review Your Facility Data By August 23, 2018

The PY2019 Preview Period for the ESRD QIP will begin on July 23, 2018, and end on August 23, 2018. The Preview Period provides an important opportunity for each facility to review and ask questions about its ESRD QIP scores and any potential payment reductions that may result. During the Preview Period, facilities will be able to access a Performance Score Report (PSR) to learn about how their estimated Total Performance Scores were calculated. CMS updated this year’s Preview PSR to provide more-streamlined reporting of facility performance.
On July 11, 2018 CMS will present a webinar on the PY2019 Preview Period to discuss how to access, review, and submit clarification questions and/or a formal inquiry about a facility’s estimated scores before the close of the Preview Period. Find details and register at
In preparation for the PY 2019 Preview Period, CMS encourages all facilities to review and update their authorized users in accordance with the updated password requirements for Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) accounts as applied to ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS); see Each facility also must designate a point of contact (POC) in EQRS; facilities without a POC will not be able to access their Preview PSRs, nor will they be able to submit clarification questions or a formal inquiry. If your facility has not established authorized users and a POC, CMS encourages you to do so as soon as possible.
For more information and tools, visit the QualityNet ESRD QIP Resources page at
Contact the QualityNet Help Desk with your questions or concerns about use of the ESRD QIP system at, or 866-288-8912. Monday-Friday between 5 am and 5 pm PDT.