Assessing Treatment Adherence within the ESRD Population

As we all know, treatment of end stage renal disease (ESRD) is demanding, multifaceted and complex, requiring that patients strictly adhere to treatment protocols to achieve favorable health outcomes.

The American Kidney Fund surveyed more than 1,000 patients and nearly 400 renal professionals regarding patient treatment adherence.

Results were compiled and released this past March in the Barriers to Treatment Adherence for Dialysis Patients Adherence Survey report. Key findings indicate that 31% of patients admitted to terminating their treatment early and 18% cancel or skip a dialysis session. The most reported reason was not feeling well or conflicting medical appointments.

Network staff members are available to provide technical assistance and resources to help facilities improve patients’ adherence to maintaining the frequency and duration of their scheduled dialysis treatments.

In addition, based on the survey results, The American Kidney Fund has begun developing resources and educational tools designed to improve adherence. You can view the entire report at