Previewing Your Facility’s 2016 Performance Data

The preview period for reviewing your facility’s 2016 performance data will begin July 17, 2017, when CMS will make the preview Performance Score Report (PSR) available to facilities.  These reports show the performance results that CMS will use to determine if a facility will incur a payment reduction for Payment Year (PY) 2018. 

For information about the PY2018 QIP process please visit:

During the month-long Preview Period, facilities can review their measure scores and ask CMS questions about how their scores were calculated.  Facilities will also be able to submit one formal inquiry if they find or suspect an error in how their scores were calculated.  To access your facility’s data visit and sign in using your Enterprise Identity Management (EDIM) sign in and password. 

 For information regarding performance year 2016, which will affect PY 2018, refer to CMS ESRD Measures Manual Version 1.0.