Vascular Access Reporting in CROWNWeb

CMS has tasked all dialysis facilities with ensuring that clinical data is accurately entered, tracked, and reported in CROWNWeb. To assist with this process, the Network encourages all facilities to compare their internal electronic medical records (EMRs) of patient level vascular access data with what has been entered in CROWNWeb on a monthly basis (both systems should be the same). The CROWNWeb Vascular Access in Use report can be used to support data validation.

If your organization utilizes batch submission, data in your EMRs upload to CROWNWeb. If there are discrepancies between the Vascular Access in Use report and your facility’s EMRs, please follow the guidelines provided in the Vascular Access Data Cleanup in CROWNWeb to reconcile the data.

Vascular access data is a clinical indicator for the Quality Incentive Program (QIP), and errors in reporting can affect payment and, ultimately, your facility’s scoring in Dialysis Facility Compare.