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CROWNWeb New User Training, QIP

CROWNWeb has announced that their next New User Training session will be held on December 11, 2018.  Find details and register at

The December 2018 CROWNWeb Newsletter is also available, at  This issues includes articles on:

  • A Clinical FAQ on Post-Weight Dialysis Assessment date.
  • Scheduled CROWNWeb Clinical Closure Dates; note that your Network may require earlier data entry in some situations.

Announcement of a December 20, 2018 CROWNWeb Town Hall on 2018: A Retrospective Review.  See for details and registration.

CY2019 Changes and Updates to the ESRD QIP & ESRD PPS

On November 1, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule that updates payment policies and rates under the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Prospective Payment System (PPS) for renal dialysis services furnished to beneficiaries on or after January 1, 2019.  This rule also updates the acute kidney injury (AKI) dialysis payment rate for renal dialysis services furnished by ESRD facilities to individuals with AKI, and finalizes changes to the ESRD Quality Incentive Program (QIP).  Find the summary at


Don’t miss these important updates:

Facility DFC Data Updated:  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has completed its April refresh of the facility data in Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC). Details about this update can be found at

The newly updated DFC database and current five-star facility ratings can be found at

ESRD QIP Measures Technical Specifications Updated: CMS also recently updated its web page on technical specifications for ESRD QIP Measures to include the CY2018 ESRD PPS Final Rule, and links to Technical Measure Specifications through PY2021.

Find this page at

ESRD QIP Rule and NHSN Core Interventions:  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its NHSN and CMS ESRD QIP Rule web page and its nine recommend Core Interventions for reducing BSI.

Find these updates at and

What’s the current status of the ESRD QIP?

The ESRD QIP Current Status webpage can be found here:

The ESRD QIP establishes incentives for dialysis facilities serving the ESRD population to meet performance standards established by CMS. The quality measures are improved every year via rulemaking. Facility evaluation and payment reductions in a given payment year (PY) are based on performance during a prior year.

Review Your Facility Data By August 23, 2018

The PY2019 Preview Period for the ESRD QIP will begin on July 23, 2018, and end on August 23, 2018. The Preview Period provides an important opportunity for each facility to review and ask questions about its ESRD QIP scores and any potential payment reductions that may result. During the Preview Period, facilities will be able to access a Performance Score Report (PSR) to learn about how their estimated Total Performance Scores were calculated. CMS updated this year’s Preview PSR to provide more-streamlined reporting of facility performance.
On July 11, 2018 CMS will present a webinar on the PY2019 Preview Period to discuss how to access, review, and submit clarification questions and/or a formal inquiry about a facility’s estimated scores before the close of the Preview Period. Find details and register at
In preparation for the PY 2019 Preview Period, CMS encourages all facilities to review and update their authorized users in accordance with the updated password requirements for Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) accounts as applied to ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS); see Each facility also must designate a point of contact (POC) in EQRS; facilities without a POC will not be able to access their Preview PSRs, nor will they be able to submit clarification questions or a formal inquiry. If your facility has not established authorized users and a POC, CMS encourages you to do so as soon as possible.
For more information and tools, visit the QualityNet ESRD QIP Resources page at
Contact the QualityNet Help Desk with your questions or concerns about use of the ESRD QIP system at, or 866-288-8912. Monday-Friday between 5 am and 5 pm PDT.

Extraordinary Circumstances Exception

A facility can request an exception or extension (if applicable) to various quality reporting requirements due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the facility. Such circumstances may include (but are not limited to) natural disasters (such as a severe hurricane or flood), systemic problems with CMS data collection systems that directly affected the ability of facilities to submit data, or extreme circumstances preventing facilities from electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) or electronic health record (EHR)-based reporting (e.g., extraordinary infrastructure challenges or vendor issues outside of the facility’s control). This also includes temporary closure of the facility. To request an exception or extension, facility administration must complete and submit the “ECE request form”, found here, to the ESRD QIP mailbox at In order for a facility to prevent loss of points under QIP this form must be submitted within 90 calendar days of the extraordinary circumstance following the end of the last reporting period.

Understanding the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Incentive Program (QIP)

CMS implemented the ESRD QIP in 2012 to promote patient health by providing a financial incentive (pay for performance) for renal dialysis facilities to deliver high quality patient care. Measurements for the 2018 calendar year, which will be reflected in the 2020 payment year, are separated into three components: clinical, safety and reporting. Dialysis facilities are required to report quality measurements to CMS. These quality measurements are made available to the public.
Additional Information about the ESRD QIP:

CMS Introduces the ESRD QIP Listserv on QualityNet

Effective at the end of April 2018, CMS will distribute program updates and other important communications exclusively via the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) listserv. This listserv will replace current email blasts from the ESRD QIP mailbox.

Signing up is easy! Simply go here to create your ESRD QIP listserv account by selecting the option for the ESRD QIP. CMS will use the online listserv to distribute communications about changes to ESRD QIP policy and process to the ESRD QIP stakeholder community. You will need to create a user account to receive future communications from the listserv.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the ESRD QIP team using the ESRD QIP Q&A Tool.

Don’t Miss Out on QIP Points

The timely completion and reporting of Quality Incentive Performance (QIP) measures ensures that a facility has the maximum opportunity for Medicare reimbursement. Facility staff members need to make sure they are aware of all the deadlines associated with each reporting measure. QIP scores are not only valuable for the facility; they are also beneficial for the patients.

Effective in Calendar Year 2016, Payment Year 2018, CMS expanded the non-laboratory-based area of the ESRD QIP by adding several additional measures. Two examples of these reporting measures are “Pain Assessment and Follow-Up” and “Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up.” Both of these measures were designed to determine whether facilities regularly assess their patients’ pain and depression, and whether they develop follow-up plans as necessary.